One Day Lifetime Membership Sale

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


Thank you for being on our list. Now we want to welcome you into membership with our organization.

We are proud to announce that Scott Enge, Executive Director of the National High School Tennis Coaches Association has joined us, and is beginning the vetting process for becoming our first recruited Mentor Coach. Styrling and I are humbled and honored that Scott will serve on our advisory board, and be a Mentor coach to some of you.

Welcome Lifetime Members:

Scott Enge, Olathe, Kansas  (Listen to our interview from this week)
Mike Baugh, Florida (Mike Interviews USPTA U30 pros and more)
Johnathon Betts, McHenry Illinois
Kirk Orohood, San Clemente, California
Benjamin Price, Ewa Beach, Hawai’i
Elliott James, Palm Coast Florida

Thank you for your investment, thus giving USATennis Coach working capital to wake up the sleeping giant.

Lifetime members receive:
* No additional membership fees, EVER
* First Certification ($37) with their membership.
* A copy of all print books by USATennisCoach including The Art of Coaching High School Tennis (2nd edition)
* A special collectors item.
* 50% off Bones Original Tennis Wear
* Consideration for Advisory Board
* A voice in our organization
* Early access to all new materials prior to publication.
* Abiding relationship with fellow team tennis coaches

This sale ends at Midnight PST Time Zone Tonight.

If you are seeing this on social media, we rarely include social media on our mailings, so please join our email list. Simply send an email to saying ‘join’, you will receive an invitation to our FREE email list.


Lifetime membership is normally $397, but today only and only twice a year we offer it for $197. Sign up today by sending $197 through paypal to In October when Styrling and Bill are in the same state, USATennisCoach will create a bank account.

Welcome to the beginning of an amazing journey!

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