30 Valuable Lessons For 2016

1. It takes at least 25 years to become an ‘expert’ in something.

2. Like an athlete, you have to hustle everyday to get better – without hustle there will be little progress.

3. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

4. Learn to listen better than you talk. You don’t always need to fill the silence.  The silence is what is needed sometimes to actually learn.

5. Look outside your sport or area of interest for fresh new idea’s.

6. Have balance. Have other hobbies. Spend time with family, close ones and friends.

7. My mistakes and failures have taught me my biggest lessons.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask.

9. Keep it simple, not science. Your athletes don’t come to you for a lesson on physics and angles.

10. If you don’t know an answer, go find it or ask someone who does. Your client/athlete won’t think any less of you. In fact they will respect you even more.

11. There are no set ‘hours’. Be prepared to pay your dues, put in the long hours and work, HUSTLE!

12. Never forget coaching is not about the X’s and O’s (exercises, drills, sets, reps) it’s about the P’s & S’s (People & Simplicity).

13. Be nice to people, even if you don’t like them (this always works).

14. Check your ego at the door and make sure you walk with humility.

15. Mistakes are good, don’t be afraid to make them. In fact if you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t trying hard enough.

16. Keep Learning, keep logging things down – reflection leads to greatness.

17. Wear clean clothes that resemble you are serious about your profession.

18. Take care of yourself, your body, look ‘fit’.

19. Get to the lesson before your client/athlete – this is a must.

20. Connect with your athlete, get to know them, their interests etc.

21. Read everyday.

22. Stay connected in some way to past athletes. Don’t take offense if they leave you. If you are good, they will come back.

23. Keep looking for ways to get better. enroll for courses, do home study etc..

24. Practice patience, you already have enough – exercise it!

25. Success in this business is about having better people skills, not better drills.

26. Coaching should be a vocation more than a profession – If you don’t know what ‘vocation’ means, then look it up.

27. Learn gratitude.

28. Keep challenging yourself as a person, not just as a coach, parent, manager, teacher or whatever your profession is.

29. Enjoy the journey. Not all day’s are going to be great, but keep looking for the great in everyday.

30. You are never going to please everyone. You are not going to be liked by everyone. And you know what? That’s just fine.


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