The Power Of “CHUNKING” Language: Touch & Timing


As a coach, I’m hustling everyday to become more aware of effectively communicating to my players!  It’s so important to press forward to growing in the way you use specific words to describe technical adjustments.  How you say something and specifically finding “trigger” words to STICK in a player’s mind can make or break the forward progress for a player’s rhythm and balance when striking a tennis ball.

The human brain actually learns in “chunks” instead of linear or systematic formula (IE. Step 1,2,3,4, etc!)

The words TOUCH and TIMING is a powerful combination to use to advance a player’s mindset in successfully improving their ball-striking skills!  Give them a try next time you as a coach or player look at making adjustments in your technical approach and improvement – email or look me up on Facebook – and let me know about your experience!

TOUCH:  the word touch relates to feel, tap, brush – mostly when we think about this word it is a soft impact, deliberate, focused contact (generally speaking)

TIMING:  the word timing relates to setting (up), discover, time – mostly when we think of timing as it relates to striking a tennis ball we can discover whether we were “early with TOUCH”, “late with TOUCH”, or “right on time with TOUCH”.

Using these two words together can produce a powerful visual discovery for the player to become aware of:

WHERE they are intersecting the ball? (TOUCH)

1.  High or Low

2.  Close or Away from the Body

3.  Front or Behind the Body

WHEN they are intersecting the ball?  (TIMING)

1.  Early

2.  Late

3.  Right on “TIME”

The Art of Communication is finding language that produces a certain “feeling” or “message” that can stimulate visual pictures to improve performance. Thinking through step-by-step instructions can often lead to the mind getting “bogged” down and confused about what to actually do!

Combining words that create such awareness to what really matters when you are trying to strike a ball over the net and in the court is powerful when they are learned in “chunks” like TOUCH and TIMING!!


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